What Makes Epoxy Flooring for Garages So Special?

Garage epoxy adds a professional finish like no other. For those who love to spend their time in the garage, it can almost become a second home. Many hobbies are done in the garage, and having a garage epoxy floor lets others know, the homeowner's time is well spent. Sometimes, projects like building things like furniture or other woodworking items or restoring old vehicles may be a pastime. The garage can feel like it is a service dealership when working on these high gloss floors. With these tasks, it is so much easier to clean than cement.

Epoxy flooring for garages is not new. It has been around for several decades, but it is something the homeowners request due to the look and durability. They love it, and they love the finish when professionals like us do the job. When putting down epoxy flooring for garages, we ask the customer what their plans are in the garage and vehicles' size. This will tell us what rating they will need. 25mgs or higher may not be sufficient to accommodate specific activities. The lower the number, the more durable the floor will be.

Some may not want to do an epoxy floor for their garage. It is perfectly fine since it is their home and garage. Either way, it is wise to put down garage floor paint to protect the cement from moisture. How many coats depends on the environment. A humid area will have plenty of moisture, and a dry climate will not be a problem. The garage floor paint will also make the color of whether epoxy is part of the customer's plans.

Garage floor coating may be another option the customers may decide to choose. Garage floor coating is more of a protectant than regular paint. These would be along the lines of what the coatings division uses when working offshore to protect from saltwater. Ordinary paint will protect up to a certain degree, but a coating will work better for harsher environments. Temperature is also another factor. Whether painting or putting down the garage floor coating, it will not last as long as epoxy. It is also cheaper, but we leave all options up to the customer.

Garage floor sealer is better protection than only paint or coating. It is a good way to protect from high traffic, moisture, and it keeps the color intact a bit longer than coatings. Still, it does not measure up to epoxy. Most customers who cannot afford epoxy like the finish and are satisfied with the job it does. It works great for an in-between product, but over time the floor will need to be resealed due to wear and tear. Once again, it is strictly up to the customer.