Essential Things To Know About Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has some interesting details many people do not realize. The most important thing to know is that flooring used in garage areas and epoxy flooring is not all the same. Our company, Wow Metallic Epoxy, works hard to make garage floors shine like the sun. It is up to the customer what color they want the floor, but once the job is complete, it will have a completely different look. Epoxy flooring will leave a garage floor looking like Carnegie Hall, and no one will be able to take their eyes off of it. There is much more care into epoxy flooring than with other coatings on a garage floor or concrete floor. When it comes to a garage, the floor is not made of wood, so there has to be something that will make the color and shine stick. Epoxy flooring is designed especially for garage floors.

Most people deal with simple paints and other types of coatings. We are professionals with experience in epoxy flooring and have an excellent reputation in the epoxy flooring company. It is a special job calling for experience and skill in laying down the right color, resin, and hardener. There is a specific mixture needed and a time limit to make it stick. We know how to get it done for each type of garage floor. Not all floors are the same, and each takes exceptional care. Our epoxy flooring company can do a job within a day and have the garage floor right the first time. It is important to let the professionals handle it because it is tough to go back and do it again one or two more times. We have references and reviews from previous customers who found our work exceeding their expectations.

Having an epoxy floor will have the ultimate man cave in any garage. It is durable and can handle anything a man can dish out, while the maintenance on the epoxy floor is fair and accessible. An epoxy floor will last much longer than water, conventional oil-based, or enamel paint. Since a garage is a place where the vehicles and other heavy jobs are done, if a garage does not have an epoxy floor, it may require more painting, more time wasted, and more money spent in the long run. We can get the garage floor looking the way any of our customers want to see it. When our customers see the work put into it, they wonder why they only settled for painted floors. Painted floors may last as long as a year or two. Epoxy floors can last up to 20 years. It may be costly upfront, but it can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time.

Epoxy floor paint is a two-part coating mix that is not like the single components. As mentioned earlier, every floor is different, and every epoxy floor paint is different. It leaves a dramatic look with a superior high gloss a person can almost see themselves. There is no way to determine how much to use until we look at the garage floor. Since the mixtures of the epoxy floor paint are also different, there is no way we can go by only the square footage. Once the paint is put down, the garage floor will be sealed, making it waterproof, stopping mold and mildew in its tracks. With epoxy floor paint, there are other advantages people will notice. Stains are rare, and the floor is so smooth afterward; some say cleaning the floor was like cleaning a nonstick pan.

Here at Wow Metallic Epoxy, we offer affordable garage epoxy. We work with our customers to get a fair bid into place. Once we look at the garage, the floors, size, colors, and detail to factor in the excellent price, we negotiate a fair deal. Our job will be guaranteed that the customer will be satisfied with the work and the affordable garage epoxy. Other options the customer may decide they want like designs, decorative colored flakes to give the garage floor a more granite feel. We see what the customer wants in the color of the floor, and if they are undecided, we can look at the surroundings like the walls or what they have inside to match. They feel we have pretty good taste in matching, but we always check with the customer before putting down any color. As we mentioned above, the prices vary due to different circumstances, but our customers find our rates fair for the most part.