What Makes Us an Affordable Epoxy Flooring Company?

Epoxy garage floor paint is the color the floor will be at the customer's discretion. It is a process that will deliver the base to match the walls and theme of the garage. It comes in different colors and is not like a regular garage floor paint. It is a high volume mixture made to last with the epoxy. Regular paint for garage floors is water-based or one-part oil-based. Epoxy garage floor paint is neither, and an estimate must be delivered before the job begins. Not all jobs are the same, and it takes different elements to make the job perfect.

A lot of skill and knowledge goes into an epoxy concrete floor. Before laying down the epoxy, it is critical to make sure the concrete is completely clean and there are no oil spots or grease. To deliver the best epoxy concrete floor, pressure washers and cleaners can begin the cleaning process. Once the floor is clean, it can go down just like paint with paint brushes and rollers. Everything has to be even and spread equally. One spot missed or with fewer coatings can mess up the project.

Epoxy garage floor cost is worth the money invested. In the long run, it will save time and money. It will also keep the headaches of having to do the same painting every year or two. Nobody has time for that when they want to enjoy their garage. The hardest part is removing everything and putting everything back to get the job done. As mentioned, every job is different, and the price ranges as low as $30 to $35 per square meter up to $80 to $100 per square metre. It depends on what extras the customer wants.

We work our best to give the customer the best cost available as we are the number one affordable epoxy flooring company around the area. Many different factors make up the cost from the time, labor, and products used. The majority of our jobs take a day, but the curing time depends on the environment. Humid climates take longer than dry climates. Rainy days are not the best days to do a job of this magnitude, but the client always finds that we are the most affordable epoxy flooring company.

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